Domotics : BMS – CTM

Domotics : BMS – CTM

Under the impulse of smart building, buildings are becoming more and more intelligent and require advanced technical installations.

SOTECA ELECTRIC offers two types of installations: BMS and CTM, which are essential facilitators for increasing your energy savings, improving your comfort and reducing your maintenance and operating costs also !


The CTM allows you to manage a given technical batch such as lighting or heating and air conditioning.


The BMS is the next level up from the CTM: It includes a supervision system that allows you to control your building from a central station, either locally or remotely (heating, air conditioning, ventilation, electricity, elevators, alarms, access control, video surveillance, etc.) thanks to sensors, actuators, automats and other electrical and electronic equipment.

Thanks to the integration of BMS and CTM in the networks of its customers, SOTECA ELECTRIC offers them the possibility of having systems that are increasingly connected and linked to the internet and intranet networks.

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